Dr. Catherine Lan and Professor Tao Lin offer lessons in piano, chamber music, music theory, sight-reading and aural training throughout South Florida. They have been recognized as innovative piano pedagogues in assisting students discover the principles of music aesthetics and achieve positive results from their lessons and practice sessions. Both pedagogues have been giving pianistic and musical instructions for numerous years to students at all levels and all ages.

Both travelling concert pianists, Dr. Lan and Professor Lin have appeared with major orchestras in Asia, North America and Europe. Their extensive performance experiences have taken them to the realization of the importance of a thorough understanding of musical structures, tone colors, harmonic expressions and rhythmic pulse. With these focuses in mind, Dr. Lan and Professor Lin incorporate their expertise with their enthusiasm for teaching in order to not only stimulate the student’s creativity, but also effectively guide his/her technical training.

Beside their fundamental teaching philosophy, their goal is to make lessons suitable to the student’s unique needs and abilities. Students are taught not to merely imitate, but to teach themselves through experimentation and exploration. Careful attention is placed on each student to ensure a customized lesson plan. For students who would like to have a chance to benefit from playing the piano and to appreciate musical languages, various methods and materials will be included in the lessons to encourage imaginations and to excite enjoyment. For students who are taking piano performance as their career, concepts and ideas will be stressed on top of strict demands for technical facility. Having been on the jury of various competitions, Dr. Lan and Professor Lin also prepare students for university/conservatory entrance auditions, competitions, and other requirements.

Lessons are taken at Dr. Lan and Professor Lin’s studios in Coral Springs and in West Palm Beach. For inquiries regarding Dr. Lan and/or Professor Lin’s rate and availability, please contact via

Studio in Coral Springs, equipped with a 7 foot Steinway, 7 foot Baldwin, and a 9 foot Concert Grand Steinway

Studio in West Palm Beach, equipped with a 6 foot Kawai

catherine Lan pianist


Upcoming Student recital: Boca Raton Steinway Piano Gallery @ 11am on April 5, 2014


Photo Above: Student recital at Coral Gables Steinway Piano Gallery @ 4pm on April 21, 2012



"Dr. Lan’s expertise in the music literature enables her to match works to the student’s individual level, thereby creating both a challenging experience and providing the student with the obtainable goal of mastering the work."

C. Herman

"She is bright and enthusiastic about musical investigation that contributes to her interest in teaching."

D. Kam